Attempts to find the DimensionValues whose IDs are specified by ids as in ResolveDimensionValues(IList<(Of <(String>)>)), but also accepts a hint as to which CommandInfo may contain the DimensionValue specified by source. The function will attempt to resolve all ids in source but will look in the results of other CommandInfos if they are not found in source.

Namespace:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.Indexing
Assembly:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo (in Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.dll) Version: (


public IList<DimensionValue> ResolveDimensionValues(
	IList<string> ids,
	CommandInfo source
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function ResolveDimensionValues ( _
	ids As IList(Of String), _
	source As CommandInfo _
) As IList(Of DimensionValue)
Visual C++
IList<DimensionValue^>^ ResolveDimensionValues(
	IList<String^>^ ids, 
	CommandInfo^ source


Type: System.Collections.Generic..::.IList<(Of <(String>)>)
The IDs of the DimensionValues to resolve.
Type: CommandInfo
A hint to try to resolve the IDs using the results of the supplied CommandInfo before looking at the results of other. CommandInfos

Return Value

The list of DimensionValues for the ids

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