This String is used to escape values which conflict with delimiters and to separate tags from their values. It separates the keyword part of the URL from the path parameter key value pairs. Its default value is a single underscore ("_"). For example, in the URL:
The '_' in the "Red-Merlot/_/N-8025" is the PathSeparatorToken. This character must be a safe URL-encoded character because the API does not UrlEncode this character.

Namespace:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo
Assembly:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo (in Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.dll) Version: (


public string PathSeparatorToken { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property PathSeparatorToken As String
Visual C++
property String^ PathSeparatorToken {
	String^ get ();
	void set (String^ value);

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