Specifies the IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer used to sort the navigation parameter value and formatted keyword string before generating a URL string. If nothing is specified, the formatted string and dimension values are not canonicalized.

Namespace:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo
Assembly:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo (in Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.dll) Version: (


public IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer NavigationCommandCanonicalizer { get; set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Property NavigationCommandCanonicalizer As IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer
Visual C++
property IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer^ NavigationCommandCanonicalizer {
	IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer^ get ();
	void set (IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer^ value);

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