Ensure the CommandInfoCollection does not contain any invalid command combinations that the URL Optimization API can not represent. If the CommandInfoCollection contains an invalid command combination, then an InvalidOperationException will be thrown. The command combinations that are not supported are: 1. NavigationCommand and RecordDetailsCommand 2. NavigationCommand and AggregateRecordDetailsCommand 3. RecordDetailsCommand and AggregateRecordDetailsCommand 4. RecordDetailsCommand and DimensionSearchCommand 5. RecordDetailsCommand and CompoundDimensionSearchCommand 6. RecordDetailsCommand and MetadataCommand 7. AggregateRecordDetailsCommand and DimensionSearchCommand 8. AggregateRecordDetailsCommand and CompoundDimensionSearchCommand 9. AggregateRecordDetailsCommand and MetadataCommand

Namespace:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo
Assembly:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo (in Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.dll) Version: (


protected void VerifyValidCommands(
	CommandInfoCollection commands
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Protected Sub VerifyValidCommands ( _
	commands As CommandInfoCollection _
Visual C++
void VerifyValidCommands(
	CommandInfoCollection^ commands


Type: CommandInfoCollection
Current commands.

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