Formats the NavigationCommand contained within the CommandInfoCollection, and canonicalizes the keywords using the given IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer. If a null canonicalizer is given, the keywords will be arranged without canonicalization. This method will return the string representing the current selected dimension values in the NavigationCommand using the IDimensionValuePathFormatters DimensionValuePathFormatters.

Namespace:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.Formatting
Assembly:  Endeca.Web.Url.Seo (in Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.dll) Version: (


public string Format(
	CommandInfoCollection commands,
	ResultResolver resultResolver,
	IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer canonicalizer
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Function Format ( _
	commands As CommandInfoCollection, _
	resultResolver As ResultResolver, _
	canonicalizer As IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer _
) As String
Visual C++
virtual String^ Format(
	CommandInfoCollection^ commands, 
	ResultResolver^ resultResolver, 
	IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer^ canonicalizer
) sealed


Type: CommandInfoCollection
The CommandInfoCollection containing the NavigationCommand to format.
Type: Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.Indexing..::.ResultResolver
The ResultResolver containing the query results.
Type: Endeca.Web.Url.Seo.Canonicalizers..::.IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer
The IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer to use when formatting the string. If null is passed, keywords will be arranged without canonicalization.

Return Value

The formatted string based on the selected dimension values on the NavigationCommand. The first character of the formatted string is the '/'. If there were no SelectedDimensionValueIds()()(), returns empty string.


ICanonicalizableCommandFormatter..::.Format(CommandInfoCollection, ResultResolver, IDimensionValueCollectionCanonicalizer)

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