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Welcome to the Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing 2.3.1 Utility Reference Model library.

The Utility Reference Models (URMs) are a set of business process models that show how Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing supports a utility's standard business processes. URMs represent "to-be" processes available "off-the-shelf." URMs also include information about the related architectural elements in the application and details that are associated with each business process. These are not considered product documentation.

URM Scope

The diagram below illustrates five major business areas. The URMs for Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing support business processes from the Manage Customers, Manage Revenue, and Manage Network Infrastructure areas.

Business Process Diagram

3 Manage Customer

3.3 Manage Products and Services

3.4 Manage Customer Relationships

4 Manage Revenue

4.1 Manage Financial Procedures

4.2 Manage Device Measurements and Bill Customers

4.3 Collect Revenue

5 Manage Network Infrastructure

5.1 Plan & Design Network

5.3 Connect Products and Services

5.6 Manage Supply Chain