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Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Introduction to Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster

2.  Oracle Solaris Cluster and RBAC

3.  Shutting Down and Booting a Cluster

4.  Data Replication Approaches

5.  Administering Global Devices, Disk-Path Monitoring, and Cluster File Systems

6.  Administering Quorum

Administering Quorum Devices

Dynamic Reconfiguration With Quorum Devices

Adding a Quorum Device

How to Add a Shared Disk Quorum Device

How to Add a Sun ZFS Storage Appliance NAS Quorum Device

How to Add a Quorum Server Quorum Device

Removing or Replacing a Quorum Device

How to Remove a Quorum Device

How to Remove the Last Quorum Device From a Cluster

How to Replace a Quorum Device

Maintaining Quorum Devices

How to Modify a Quorum Device Node List

How to Put a Quorum Device Into Maintenance State

How to Bring a Quorum Device Out of Maintenance State

How to List the Quorum Configuration

How to Repair a Quorum Device

Changing the Quorum's Default Time-out

Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster Quorum Servers

Starting and Stopping the Quorum Server Software

How to Start a Quorum Server

How to Stop a Quorum Server

Displaying Information About the Quorum Server

How to Display Information About the Quorum Server

Cleaning Up Stale Quorum Server Cluster Information

How to Clean Up the Quorum Server Configuration Information

7.  Administering Cluster Interconnects and Public Networks

8.  Adding and Removing a Node

9.  Administering the Cluster

10.  Configuring Control of CPU Usage

11.  Updating Your Software

12.  Backing Up and Restoring a Cluster

A.  Example


Chapter 6

Administering Quorum

This chapter provides the procedures for administering quorum devices within Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Solaris Cluster quorum servers. For information about quorum concepts, see Quorum and Quorum Devices in Oracle Solaris Cluster Concepts Guide.