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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Release Notes     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1
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1.  Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Release Notes

What's New in the Software

Support for Oracle Solaris 11.2 OS

New clsetup Wizards to Create a Zone Cluster

Support for solaris10 Brand Zone Clusters

Support for Exclusive-IP Zone Clusters

Support for Trusted Extensions With Zone Clusters

Resource Dependencies Can Be Defined on a Per-Node Basis

Support for Kernel Cage Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR)

Cluster Security Framework Is Enhanced

Support for Socket Direct Protocol Over the Cluster Interconnect

Faster Failure Detection and Response by Storage Monitors

ZFS Storage Pools

New clsetup Wizard to Configure the Oracle PeopleSoft Application Server Data Service

New clsetup Wizard to Configure the Oracle WebLogic Server Data Service

Support for MySQL and MySQL Cluster Data Services

New Data Service for PostgreSQL

New Data Service for Samba

New Data Service for SAP liveCache

New Data Service for SAP MaxDB

New Data Service for Siebel 8.2.2

New Data Service for Sybase ASE

New Data Service for Oracle Traffic Director

New Data Service for Oracle TimesTen

New Manual for SAP NetWeaver Data Service

New Data Service for Oracle External Proxy

New Data Service for Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Process Scheduler

New Data Service for Oracle Web Tier

Support for Oracle E-Business 12.1.1 Data Service

Support for Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Data Replication With Geographic Edition

Support for EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility With Geographic Edition

Support for MySQL Replication With Geographic Edition

New Man Pages for the ccradm and dcs_config Advanced Maintenance Commands

Selected Support for Non-Global Zones

What's Not Included in the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Software


Solaris Volume Manager Disk Sets in a Zone Cluster

Commands Modified in This Release

Compatibility Issues

Logical Host Does not Fail Over with Public Net Fault (16979921)

Oracle ASM With Solaris Volume Manager Mirrored Logical Volumes

osysmond Core Dumps in S10 Brand Zone During GI and Starting of CRS (14456069)

Oracle Clusterware Fails to Create All SIDs for ora.asm Resource (12680224)

Oracle Solaris 11 SRU Installation Might Fail Due to Out-of-Date pkg Command

Unable to Install Just Patches Using clzonecluster install-cluster to the solaris10 Branded Zone Cluster (7200532)

Adding Main Adapter to IPMP Group Removes DNS Configuration (7198718)

SAP JAVA Issue Affects HA for SAP NetWeaver Ability to Fail Over in Unplanned Outage (7191360)

Zone Does Not Boot if pkg:/system/resource-mgmt/resource-cap Is Not Installed and capped-memory Is Configured (7087700)

Active:Active ZFS Storage Appliance Clustered Configurations Are Not Supported With Geographic Edition (6770212)

Accessibility Information

Supported Products

Data Replication

Data Service

File Systems

Geographic Edition Software Requirements

Memory Requirements

Oracle Solaris Operating System

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Volume Management Software

Product Localization

Known Issues and Bugs


A clzc reboot Command Causes the solaris10 Brand Exclusive-IP Zone Cluster to Panic the Global Zone Nodes (16941521)

The /usr/sbin/shutdown Command in a Zone of an Exclusive-IP Zone Cluster Can Result in a Halt of Other Running Zones of the Zone Cluster (16963753)

The svc_private_network:default SMF Service Goes Into Maintenance in a solaris10 Brand Exclusive-IP Zone Cluster (16716992)

Cannot Set the Jumbo Frame MTU Size for the clprivnet Interface (16618736)

Public Net Failure Does Not Fail Over DB Server Resource with SCAN Listener (16231523)

The Data Service Configuration Wizards Do Not Support Storage Resources and Resource Groups for Scalable HAStoragePlus (7202824)

Removing a Node From an Exclusive-IP Zone Cluster Panics Cluster Nodes (7199744)

Nonexisting privnet Stops Zone Clusters From Booting Despite Good privnet (7199431)

The clzonecluster Command Fails to Verify That defrouter Cannot Be Specified Without allowed-addr, CCR Has Failed Configuration (7199135)

clzonecluster boot, reboot, and halt Subcommands Fail if Any One of the Cluster Nodes Is Not in the Cluster (7193998)

Cluster File System Does Not Support Extended Attributes (7167470)

Using chmod to Set setuid Permission Returns Error in a Non-Global Zone on PxFS Secondary Server (7020380)

Cannot Create a Resource From a Configuration File With Non-Tunable Extension Properties (6971632)

Disabling Device Fencing While Cluster Is Under Load Results in Reservation Conflict (6908466)

EMC SRDF Rejects Switchover When Replicated Device-Group Status Will Cause Switchover and Switchback to Fail (6798901)

Removing Nodes From the Cluster Configuration Can Result in Node Panics (6735924)

More Validation Checks Needed When Combining DIDs (6605101)

Data Services

Active-Standby Configuration Not Supported for HA for TimesTen (16861602)

Failure to Update Properties of SUNW.ScalMountPoint Resource Configured with NAS for Zone Cluster (7203506)

Global File System Configured in Zone Cluster's Scalable HAStoragePlus Resource Is Not Accessible (7197623)

RAC Wizard Failing With "ERROR: Oracle ASM is either not installed or the installation is invalid!" (7196184)

clsetup Wizard Fails While Configuring WebLogic Server Domain in the Zones/Zone Cluster With WebLogic Server Installed in the NFS (7196102)

With a Large Number of Non-Network-Aware GDS Resources, Some Fail to Restart and Remain Offline (7189659)

SUNW.Proxy_SMF_failover sc_delegated_restarter File Descriptor Leak (7189211)

When set Debug_level=1, pas-rg Fails Over to Node 2 And Cannot Start on Node 1 Anymore (7184102)

Scalable Applications Are Not Isolated Between Zone Clusters (6911363)

Running clnas add or clnas remove Command on Multiple Nodes at the Same Time Could Cause Problem (6791618)

Developer Environment

clresource show -p Command Returns Wrong Information (7200960)

Geographic Edition

Cluster Node Does Not Have Access to Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Projects or iSCSI LUNs (15924240)

DR State Stays Reporting unknown on One Partner (7189050)

Takeover to the Secondary Is Failing Because fs umount Failed On the Primary (7182720)

ZFS Storage Appliance Protection Group Creation And Validation Fail if Project Replication Is Stopped by Using the BUI (7176292)

Multiple Notification Emails Sent From Global Cluster When Zone Clusters Are in Use (7098290)


Unable to Install Data Service Agents on Existing 3.3 5/11 solaris10 Brand Zone Without Specifying Patch Options (7197399)

clzonecluster Does Not Report Errors When install Is Used Instead of install-cluster for solaris10 Branded Zones (7190439)

ASM Instance Proxy Resource Creation Errored When a Hostname Has Uppercase Letters (7190067)

Wizard Won't Discover the ASM SID (7190064)

RAC Proxy Resource Creation Fails When the Cluster Node's Hostname Has Uppercase Letters (7189565)

Hard to Get Data Service Names for solaris10 Brand Zone Noninteractive Data Service Installation (7184714)

cacao Cannot Communicate on Machines Running Trusted Extensions (7183625)

The Command clnode remove -F nodename Fails to Remove the Node nodename From Solaris Volume Manager Device Groups (6471834)

Autodiscovery Should Find Only One Interconnect Path for Each Adapter (6299097)


Logical Hostname Failover Could Create Duplicate Addresses, Lead To Outage (7201091)

sc_delegated_restarter Does Not Take Into Account Environment Variable Set in Manifest (7173159)

Unable to Re-enable Transport Interface After Disabling With ipadm disable-if -t interface (7141828)

Failure of Logical Hostname to Fail Over Caused by getnetmaskbyaddr() (7075347)


x86: scinstall -u update Sometimes Fails to Upgrade the Cluster Packages on an x86 Node (7201491)

Software Updates

Patch Management Tools

My Oracle Support

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Documentation Set

Documentation Issues

Upgrade Guide

HA for Oracle Guide

HA for Oracle RAC Guide

HA for Oracle Solaris Zones Guide

Solaris Volume Manager

Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Oracle Solaris Availability Suite

Man Pages











A.  ORCL.otd(5) Man Page

Supported Products

This section describes the software and memory requirements for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 and Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 4.1 software, as of the time of publication. For the latest information about supported products and product versions for this release, see the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4 Compatibility Guide.

Data Replication

The following data replication products are supported in this release:

The following table describes the volume managers that are supported in this release for each data replication software product.

Data Replication Software
Supported Volume Managers
Availability Suite feature of Oracle Solaris
Solaris Volume Manager
EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility
Solaris Volume Manager
Oracle Data Guard1
Oracle Automatic Storage Management

Oracle Solaris ZFS Volume Manager

Solaris Volume Manager for Sun Cluster

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance from Oracle
Solaris Volume Manager

Oracle Solaris ZFS Volume Manager

1For information about additional supported storage management options, see Storage Management Requirements in Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle Real Application Clusters Guide.

Data Service

At the time of publication, data services for the following applications are supported with Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1:

File Systems

The following table describes the file systems that work with the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 software on SPARC and x86 platforms.

File System
Additional Information
Oracle Solaris UFS
Oracle Solaris ZFS
Network File System (NFS)
Oracle Solaris Cluster proxy file system (PxFS)
Only a UFS file system can be configured as a cluster file system

Geographic Edition Software Requirements

The Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition (Geographic Edition) 4.1 software runs only on either Oracle Solaris Cluster software version 4.1 or 4.0.

A cluster running Geographic Edition 4.1 software can be in a partnership only with another cluster that runs either Geographic Edition software version 4.1 or 4.0.

Memory Requirements

The Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 software requires the following memory requirements for every cluster node:

Actual physical memory and hard drive requirements are determined by the applications that are installed. Consult the application's documentation or contact the application vendor to calculate additional memory and hard drive requirements.

Oracle Solaris Operating System

The Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 and Quorum Server software require the Oracle Solaris 11.1 OS. The Oracle Solaris 11.0 release is not supported for Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 software.

In addition, to upgrade directly to Oracle Solaris 11.1 software, before upgrade the system must run a minimum of Oracle Solaris 11 with SRU 10. Oracle Solaris software does not support direct upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11.1 from less than Oracle Solaris 11 with SRU 10.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

This Oracle Solaris Cluster release works with Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1, 2.2, and 3.0. This software was formerly called Sun Logical Domains (LDoms).

The following describe the supported and restricted uses of the SR-IOV feature of Oracle Solaris 11.1 for use with Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2:

Volume Management Software

The following table describes the volume managers that work with Oracle Solaris 11.1 on the SPARC and x86 platforms. Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is not supported for the Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition 4.1 software.

Volume Manager
Cluster Feature
Solaris Volume Manager
Solaris Volume Manager for Sun Cluster
Oracle Solaris ZFS Volume Manager
not applicable