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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Troubleshooting Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E28966-01
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8 Troubleshooting DSCC Problems

This chapter contains information to help you troubleshoot problems with the Directory Service Control Center (DSCC).

8.1 Collecting DSCC Troubleshooting Data

The DSCC may fail for one of the following reasons:

8.1.1 To Collect DSCC Troubleshooting Data

  1. Verify the status of the DSCC.

    $ install-path/bin/dsccsetup status
    DSCC Registry has been created
    Path of DSCC registry is install-path/var/dcc/ads
    Port of DSCC registry is 3998

    If the status message states that the DSCC registry has not been created, then initialize the DSCC registry.

    # dsccsetup ads-create
  2. If you see DSCC agent errors, then check the DSCC agent status.

    # dsccagent info

    If the status message states that the DSCC agent is stopped, then start the DSCC agent.

    # dsccagent start
  3. If you still have errors, you can check contents of dsccagent log files:

  4. If the previous steps do not help to resolve the problem, then run a clean setup for the DSCC.

    # dsccagent delete
    # dsccsetup war-file-delete
    # dsccsetup ads-delete