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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E28970-01
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Part I Plug-In API Guide

1 Before You Start Writing Plug-Ins

2 Changes to the Plug-In API Since Directory Server 5.2

3 Getting Started With Directory Server Plug-Ins

4 Working With Entries Using Plug-Ins

5 Extending Client Request Handling Using Plug-Ins

6 Handling Authentication Using Plug-Ins

7 Performing Internal Operations With Plug-Ins

8 Writing Entry Store and Entry Fetch Plug-Ins

9 Writing Extended Operation Plug-Ins

10 Writing Matching Rule Plug-Ins

11 Writing Password Storage Scheme Plug-Ins

12 Writing Password Quality Check Plug-Ins

13 Writing Computed Attribute Plug-Ins

Part II Plug-In API Reference

14 Data Type and Structure Reference

15 Directory ServerFunction Reference, Part I

16 Directory ServerFunction Reference, Part II

17 Parameter Block Reference

A NameFinder Application