Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics Release Notes

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January 31, 2012

These release notes contain descriptions of new features, changes in functionality, known problems, and other last-minute information about Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics. For the latest release notes and additional information, contact Oracle Technical Support

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Description of change

Jan 31, 2012

Rebranded product to Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

June 15, 2011

Analytics 2.5.1 Release

June 29, 2009

Analytics 2.5 Release

  Table of Contents 

         Getting Started

         Whats New in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

         Installation and Upgrade Notes

         Issues Fixed in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

         Issues Fixed in Analytics 2.5

         Known Issues in Analytics 2.5

   Getting Started

At time of initial release, Analytics 2.5 integrates with Content Server 7.0.3 patch 4+ and Content Server 7.5 patch 1+ (requires HotFix 9)

The Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics document set provides documentation for different kinds of users. Updates to product documentation, as they are made, are posted to the Oracle Support site. For a description of the documents, please refer to the Documentation Notes link on the site. Check the site regularly for the latest set.



   What's New in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

Distribution Changes in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

    Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics no longer includes Swiff Chart Generator. To use this product, download and install Swiff Chart Generator and then make the following changes:

         Add the install path of Swiff Chart Generator to the server CLASSPATH

         Specify the install path of the SwiffChart Generator as follows in global.xml file found in the Analytics webapp:

                            <param name="swchart_instdir" type="string" value="InstallPath of Swiff Chart"/>

Performance Improvements

         Significant improvements to the performance and scalability of Analytics

         Data processing is now handled by Hadoop instead of through Oracle Database procedures

         Monitoring and troubleshooting Analytics jobs through the Admin UI


         A new Asset Audit Trail report has been added to track CS asset changes (create, edit, delete)

Maintenance Improvements

         Added Archive support for raw data

         Added functionality to support purge for processed data

         New installation and configuration procedures via silent install

Features No Longer Supported

         Real Time Data Capture report is no longer supported

  Installation and Upgrade Notes


Please refer to installation and upgrade guides available for download from Oracle Support




 Issues Fixed in Oracle WebCenter Sites 11gR1 | Analytics

Hadoop Jobs

(#25602) Scheduler will now pick up changes to Sites or additions/deletions of Sites without requiring restart


(#26830) Added handling for more encoded characters. Gracefully skipped any runtime exceptions while de-serializing the bean

Analytics - Agent

(#26938) Expanded browser versions reported by the Agent

 Issues Fixed in Analytics 2.5

Analytics Reports

(#18796) Site Information Report displays average page duration as 0 seconds

(#18982) Performance Indicator does not work when configured from the Site Information Report if the site name contains , or characters



 Known Issues in Analytics 2.5

The known issues in Analytics 2.5 are described in this section. They are sorted by feature set.

Analytics Admin

(#20202) Refreshing by use of F5 key will cause the filter to be reset in the Running Tasks list

(#20539) Sorting the Task History list by End Date causes the total pages to display as NaN

Analytics Reports

(#18928) Analytics does not filter reports based on site

(#18978) Sessions Report - If there is a blank value for the average session duration, this will appear as 'NAME?' when extracted to a .csv

(#18999) Names will overlap if the value is less than 1 when charts are exported to .pdf

(#19908) Segment chart shows the tooltip value as the value of the No segment

(#20408) Entry Page data does not appear in the Entry/Exit Page report when exported to .csv

(#20410) If a filter is applied when viewing the Host Name report, the filter will be retained when moving to the IP Addresses report

(#20412) Timeperiod and Display mode are not included when exporting reports to .xml or .csv formats.

(#20413) When Operating Systems report is exported to .csv, the details column is not available

(#20538) Filter by referrer displays blank results if you enter an IP in the filter field

(#20608) Unable to filter the Referrer Report when URL contains a capitalized letter.

To workaround this, use a wildcard placed in the URL name prior to the first instance of the capital letter. For example, use http://www.first* to filter

Hadoop Jobs

(#18811) Analytics Hadoop Jobs Application will not recover from a loss of database connection, the application must be restarted, data will be processed after the restart.

(#19714) Currently it is possible to start multiple instances of the scheduler. This will result in the jobs getting scheduled more frequently than you have configured. Users should ensure that the scheduler is not running before starting.

(#19808) Scheduler will throw an exception if HDFS is in Safe Mode

(#19968) Simultaneous execution of multiple VisitorMerger jobs is not supported

(#20631) Purge jobs also purge unprocessed data.

Purge jobs should be enabled along with the archive feature to avoid loss of data.

(#20641) Files must be manually merged when archive is set to true and AppServer is restarted.

Shutting down the AppServer when archive is set to true causes the session file to rotate and be renamed to data.txt.done.

When the AppServer restarts, a new session data.txt will be created in the same folder. When the archive is scheduled to begin,  this file can't be archived because the data.txt.done file already exists. Merge these two files to continue.

HDFS Agent

(#20403) When starting HDFSAgent, an exception is seen in the log " Starting time for this module has not been configured properly" when archive enabled is set to false


(#19910) When restarting the sensor from the IBM WebSphere application server console, a new sensor is listed in the Analytics Admin UI with the same name. To resolve this issue, a restart of the AppServer is required.

(#19836) In 2.1 the first object impression of a session which had a session based parameter set was taken as the source of the value. In 2.5 we use the first object impression which is a Page View as the basis for the session based values. This prevents the new visitor flag to be set correctly if there are non-Page View object impressions before the first page impression.