WebCenter Sites | Community Release Notes

11g R1 BP1 (

Table of Contents

1.0 What’s New in Oracle WebCenter Sites Community 11gR1. 2

1.01 Comments / Reviews Improvements – Visitor side. 2

1.02 Comments / Reviews Improvements – Moderators Side. 2

1.03 New Ratings Widgets. 2

1.04 Polls. 2

1.05 Social login and Custom Session Bar. 2

1.06 Moderation and Customization. 2

1.07 Upgrade. 3

2.0 Installation Notes. 3

3.0 Limitations. 4

3.01 Community. 4

4.0 General Issues and Workarounds. 4

4.01 Community. 4

4.02 Localization. 5

4.03 Blogs Module. 5




1.0 What’s New in Oracle WebCenter Sites Community 11gR1

1.01 Comments / Reviews Improvements – Visitor side

·         Compact look and feel

·         Comments / Reviews preview

·         Posting HTML and media content

·         Permalinks for comments

·         Helpfulness rating

·         Social sharing

1.02 Comments / Reviews Improvements – Moderators Side

·         Category management for comments and reviews

·         Auto disable for comments/reviews

·         Max number of posts

·         Post until date

·         Manually close posting comments/reviews for a specific page

·         Search Engine Optimization

1.03 New Ratings Widgets

·         Individually deploy new rating widgets

o   Thumbs up/down

o   Like It

o   Recommend

·         Summary widgets

·         Moderate ratings based on rules

1.04 Polls

·         Simple, powerful and rules based authoring

·         Graphical and non-graphical results

·         Precise control

o   Results display

o   Poll status

·         Intuitive menu with deploy option

1.05 Social login and Custom Session Bar

·         Out of the Box support for:

o   Facebook

o   Twitter

·         Extend login options to 20+ social platforms through Janrain (partner)

·         Optional login controls for widgets

·         Individually pluggable login bar

1.06 Moderation and Customization

·         Simplified navigation

·         Blacklisting/whitelisting users from Comments moderation screen

·         Templating for all widgets

o   Customize look and feel

o   Rearrange components

o   Add custom data points

·         Language Support

1.07 Upgrade

·         WebCenter Sites Community includes a new upgrade engine to support upgrade from versions and Patch 1

2.0 Installation Notes

·         Refer to the Community Installation Guide for installation and deployment requirements / recommendations

·         Note the following:

o   In case of deploying both management and production Community applications in the same machine, it is recommended to changes default context-root for one of the Community applications (e.g.  management community using context 'cosm' or production community using context 'cosp')

o   It is recommended to change default Visitor CAS context root to another (cas --> vcas) in case of deploying Visitor CAS on a machine where another CAS application is already deployed (e.g Sites CAS)

o   If the installation directory specified in the installer does not exist, the installer will create it, but it is limited to one level of the directory structure. If the install directory is more than one level user has to create it manually before running the installer.

o   Widgets are certified with valid html host pages only (tested on XHTML 1.0 of Strict doctype)

o   Widgets are certified with the host page URLs that contain valid query strings only (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Query_string)

o   CSS of host page may potentially impact the widgets' look and feel. It may be necessary to apply custom CSS to widgets or even adjust your host pages CSS

o   Visitor CAS should be installed on the same domain as the live site

o   Community Server Admin application is not supported in standalone mode (view) and is meant to be accessed only via Sites WEM UI

o   For the Community Admin application - IE users must set the browser to receive all third party cookies

o   Ensure Lucene indexing is enabled for all Community asset types.

o   The WebCenter Sites URL provided during Community installation should be the same as used to access Sites, for example, if you specify Sites hostname in the Community install, then accessing Sites via IP address will result in failure to load the Community Application

3.0 Limitations

3.01 Community

·         Change to restricted words has no effect on existing posts.

·         Visitor authentication is not supported against both Sites/WEM DB and LDAP at the same time.

·         Usage of symbols is restricted in Poll Title, Question & Answers.

·         Search by User name is not supported.

·         Deployment of community widgets in iFrames is not supported.

·         Cannot upload a non-UTF-8 file for restricted words.

4.0 General Issues and Workarounds

4.01 Community

·         Uploading a file with duplicate categories will result in the category appearing twice in the "Reviews by Topic" page

·         Blank ‘Category title’ is displayed if Category Title is given between ’<>’ while uploading Categories file

·         Community Admin application time out redirect will not time out the WEM Framework.

·         Reviews deployment tag deployed with settings "Rating Only" and "Reviewing Enabled" set to "NO" will result in a blank page being rendered

·         "Display Name" is not getting updated in Community when the profile is updated in LDAP.

·         The domain authorization message is not showing up for rendering ratings widget of type "Like it" & "Recommend".

·         Users are allowed to create polls without a question.

·         File name is displayed incorrectly while tried to save both CSS and Category files in appearance page for Comment and Reviews in one session. To avoid this, save after each individual operation

·         Order of the categories in the Category drop-down at “Reviews Deployment” page is not same as that in the uploaded category file

·         Janrain JavaScript is loaded by end site widgets even when Janrain support is not explicitly enabled in admin app.

·         When the LDAP server is not available, users will receive invalid credential message instead of a server down indication when trying to login to the site. (14289536)

·         Reviews are displayed in Most Commented page if both comment and reviews widgets are deployed using the same resource id. Users should ensure that they are using different ResourceIDs for each.

·         Alert messages are not displayed when guest user tries to review same article for the second time and the admin setting is to only review once on a page.

·         User's display name is not updated for previous comments in the admin application if the user changes it after posting a few comments.

·         There is no auto-moderation filter for banned words submitted in the Admin UI directly. (14289731)

·         Under periods of high load, the count in Comments By Topic page will doesn't match with the filter count. (14289862)

·         If Default Thumbs up/down rating widget is deployed using a ResourceID that is already in use, the posted ratings will not be updated in the end site. Users should ensure that duplicate ResourceIDs are not being assigned

·         The count for Pending, Approved and Inappropriate reviews is not updated in the Filter Panel of Reviews by Topic Page until manual refresh is initiated. (14497403)

·         Only 500 users are displayed in 'Available' box of Add Visitors to Blacklist/Whitelist screen.

·         Cache is empty after application server restart due lack of support for disk persistence.

·         Sharing comment or review using Janrain, shows the Sites login page. (14634351)


 4.02 Localization

·         Timeout messages on Deployment tags are not localized

·         Date time format of comments, reviews etc is the same across locales

·         Anonymous user is registered under different localized user names


4.03 Blogs Module

·         Warning message "An attempt was made to set the session variable "preferred_locale" to an invalid value" is displayed on preview of sample blog pages, this can be safely ignored.

·         Creating author assets with the same name may cause undesirable behavior, i.e. the wrong author can be displayed for a blog

·         Sample Blog asset types need to be re-indexed after install to search

·         Errors appear in log on first access of sample blog pages - these can be safely ignored