WebCenter Sites | Gadgets Release Notes

11g R1 BP1 (

Table of Contents

1.0 What’s New in Oracle WebCenter Sites Gadgets 11gR1. 1

1.01 Dashboard & Gadget Deployment Options. 1

1.02 Dashboard Customizability and Extensions. 2

1.03 Administrative Interface Enhancements. 2

1.04 Upgrade. 2

2.0 Installation Notes. 2

3.0 Known Limitations. 3

3.01 Gadgets Admin Application. 3

4.0 General Issues and Workarounds. 3

4.01 Gadgets Admin Application. 3

4.02  Gadgets Dashboard. 3



1.0 What’s New in Oracle WebCenter Sites Gadgets 11gR1

1.01 Dashboard & Gadget Deployment Options

·         Single Gadget Deployment - Single gadgets can be deployed on web pages without the dashboard container

·         Flexible hosting of the Gadget Global Catalog – The Gadget Global Catalog can be installed to sites other than the AdminSite

·         WEM storage of visitor profile information – The native Sites repository can be used for storing Gadgets visitor information instead of using LDAP

1.02 Dashboard Customizability and Extensions

·         Support for customizable CSS – Custom CSS can be used for both dashboards and individual gadgets

·         Optional login bar – The login bar is now optional for the dashboard. This enables the creation of public dashboards shown to all users without requiring authentication

·         OAuth Support – The OAuth APIs of OpenSocial 1.0 are now supported. This enables use of UI elements to support logons to third-party sites and therefore provides additional personalization options with gadgets

·         Dashboard height specification – The height of the dashboard is no longer fixed and can be configured

1.03 Administrative Interface Enhancements

·         Gadget validation – Gadgets performs validation of registered gadget descriptors and pre-population of gadget metadata. (NOTE: This is only at time of adding the gadget and the validation only applies to the validity of the xml file and not a gurantee that the gadget will render properly on the dashboard.)

1.04 Upgrade

·         WebCenter Sites Gadgets includes a new upgrade engine to support upgrade from version Patch 1

2.0 Installation Notes

·         Refer to the Gadgets Installation Guide for installation and deployment requirements / recommendations

·         Note the following:

o   Widgets are certified with valid html host pages only (tested on XHTML 1.0 of Strict doctype)

o   JavaScript must be turned on for Dashboard pages

o   Visitor CAS should be installed on the same domain as the live site

o   Gadgets Admin application is not supported in standalone mode (view) and is meant to be accessed only via Sites WEM Admin UI

o   For the Gadgets Dashboard application - IE users must ensure that browser is configured to receive all third party cookies 

o   OpenSocial Gadget Container JavaScript API is supported

o   If the Gadget Server Admin App is selected on a site that does not exist on the Sites Delivery system, a blank screen will appear or an error will appear in the Admin App and the application will not be accessible. To resolve this, mirror the site configuration to the production Sites instance.

3.0 Known Limitations

3.01 Gadgets Admin Application

·         Gadget title names are not validated, it is possible to enable a gadget with a name that already exists

·         Registering gadget which requires features that are not configured (i.e. not enabled via Shindig) may result in an Internal Server error, this can be resolved by enabling the feature by following the directions provided in the Gadgets Installation Guide

·         Gadget validation is only for the xml descriptor, it will not check to guarantee successful rendering of the gadget on the Dashboard, this should be verified prior to deployment

·         Deploying a gadget that uses flash within an iFrame is not supported

·         OAuth gadget requires login when settings are changed

·         Entering text in the Gadget URL Descriptor field that his not prefixed by http:// will result in failure to immediately validate the URL and the message upon save will be "Failed to create gadget. Reason: consumer key cannot be empty. consumer secret cannot be empty

·         Pagination settings are not preserved after registering new gadgets

·         If an X display is not present when a Gadget is registered and images are added, the server may respond with a 500 error or a crash.

4.0 General Issues and Workarounds

4.01 Gadgets Admin Application

·         Pagination count will appear incorrect when deselecting / selecting filtered views of Gadgets, this occurs only when de-selecting all filters. (14288888)

·         De-selecting all filters displays all gadgets rather than none (14288852)

·         Multi-ticket expiry errors are logged in Sites Production sites.log file. These can be safely ignored

·         OAuth gadget will lose personalization if it is dragged to a new location in the Admin Dashboard  (14289098)


 4.02  Gadgets Dashboard

·         Profile photo is not uploaded in end site dashboard. (14749565)

·         Modifying user profile requires refresh for changes to be reflected in OAuth gadgets (14289148)

·         When a large number of gadgets exist on the dashboard, it may require multiple movements to render the gadget in the desired location

·         Drag and Drop is not capable of scrolling on large dashboards