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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Modeling and Implementation Guide for Oracle Business Process Management
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E15176-11
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What's New in This Guide for Release

For Release, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed. If a feature was not available in the first release of, the last columns denote which documentation release contains the update.

For a list of known issues (release notes), see the "Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack" at

Sections Changes Made

Chapter 4 Working with Projects and Project Templates


Section 4.5, "Using the Oracle BPM Metadata Service (MDS) Repository"

Sections revised and added to describe changes to the BPM Metadata Service (MDS) repository.



Chapter 5 Working with Processes and the Process Editor


Section 5.2, "Introduction to the Process Editor"

Section revised to describe changes to the proecess editor. This includes changes to the component palette and flow object toolbar.



Section 5.3.2, "How to Change the Highlight Level for Messages in a Process"

Section added to describe the highlight level for messages your processes.



Section 5.4, "Working with Flow Objects in Your Process"

Section revised to describe interface enhancements to Oracle BPM Studio.



Section 5.5, "Working with Draft Processes"

Section added to describe how to work with draft processes in Oracle BPM Studio. A draft process is a process that has one or more flow objects which do not have their implementation defined.



Section 5.7, "Importing and Exporting Process Models"

Section added to describe how to import process models created in other applications. These imported models are converted to BPMN.



Chapter 9 Importing BPMN Processes from a BPA Repository


Section 9.3, "Merging Changes from an Updated BPA Model"

Section added to describe how to merge changes when you update the BPA model you used to create the BPM process.



Chapter 14 Working with Human Tasks


Section 14.3, "Updating User Tasks Using Update Tasks"

Section added to describe how use update tasks to update user tasks.



Chapter 24 Communicating Business Processes Using Correlations


Chapter 24, "Communicating Business Processes Using Correlations"

Chapter added to describe how to use correlations.



Chapter 25 Defining Conversations


Chapter 25, "Defining Conversations"

New chapter that describes how to define a conversation.



Chapter 27 Getting Started with Human Workflow


Chapter 27, "Getting Started with Human Workflow"

New chapter that describes the basic concepts of the Human Workflow framework.




Chapter 28 Designing Human Tasks in Oracle BPM


Chapter 28, "Designing Human Tasks in Oracle BPM"

New chapter that describes how to design a Human Task in Oracle BPM.



Chapter 28, "Configuring a Human Task Using the Human Task Editor"

Added section to describe how to specify the completion criteria for a parallel participant.



Chapter 29 Configuring Human Tasks


Chapter 29, "Configuring Human Tasks"

New chapter that describes the multiple properties that you can configure in a Human Task.




Appendix B Modifying Running Process Instances in Oracle Business Process Management Workspace


Appendix A, "Modifying Running Process Instances in Oracle Business Process Management Workspace"

New appendix that describes how to modify running instances in Oracle BPM Process Workspace.