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Oracle® Fusion Functional Setup Manager User's Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E20365-05
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1 Overview

This chapter contains the following:

Manage Application Implementation: Overview

Manage Application Implementation: Overview

The Manage Applications Implementation business process enables rapid and efficient planning, configuration, implementation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance of Oracle Fusion applications through self-service administration.

The Setup and Maintenance work area offers you the following benefits:

With Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager you can:

There are several documentation resources available for learning how to configure Oracle Fusion Applications.

Who Will Use the Setup and Maintenance Work Area: Points to Consider

There are primarily three types of business application users that will make use of Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager through the Setup and Maintenance work area.

Implementation Project Manager

Implementation project managers are typically responsible for the overall implementation of an Oracle Fusion application. They research and analyze the functionality of Fusion offerings and match them to the business requirements of the implementation. They also determine what setup tasks need to be performed and who will perform them to make an Oracle Fusion application ready for transactional processing.

Functional User

Functional users are representatives from various lines of business of a company and are subject matter experts in their functional areas. They are the financial administrators, procurement managers, sales operations representatives, and benefits administrators. Typically, they will be responsible for entering setup data and then verifying that the applications are working correctly for the transactional processes.

System Administrator

System administrators typically come with technical background and are responsible for software installation, systems configuration, and data migration. The export and import of setup data will usually be performed by system administrators.