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Oracle® Fusion Applications Sales Implementation Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E20373-05
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31 Define References and Competitors

This chapter contains the following:

Define References and Competitors

FAQs for Define References and Competitors

Define References and Competitors

Reference Customers: Explained

Reference customers are a valuable asset to any organization. Often, a review process is involved in enrolling satisfied customers into a reference program.

Reference Profile

An administrator can create and update a reference profile and store the following details:

Creating Competitor Profiles: Explained

You can store various details regarding the competitors in your sales domain. As a salesperson, you can use these details when you want specific information regarding a competitor during a sales bid.

Some of the details that you can record for a competitor include:

The application records the following details automatically based on your sales:

Competitor Profile

Apart from the above basic details, the following make up a competitor's profile.

FAQs for Define References and Competitors

What's a reference rank?

Use ranks to classify your reference customers. Ranks 1 to 5 are seeded in the application with Rank 1 being the highest. Search results are sorted in the ascending order of reference ranks. Following is a brief description of what the supplied ranks mean. You can configure them based on your requirements.