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Oracle® Fusion Applications Project Management Implementation Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E20384-05
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9 Common Applications Configuration: Define Approval Management

This chapter contains the following:

Approval Management: Highlights

Approval Management: Highlights

Use approval management to determine the policies that apply to approval workflows for particular business objects such as expense reports. For example, you can specify levels of approval for expense reports over a particular amount, to reflect your own corporate policies. You also determine the groups of users who act on these workflow tasks, for example, the chain of approvers for expense reports.

Approval management is fully described in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Modeling and Implementation Guide for Oracle Business Process Management. Though the concepts described there apply also to Oracle Fusion Applications, the only setup relevant to Oracle Fusion Applications involves approval groups and task configuration. Customization of approval workflows themselves is described in the Oracle Fusion Applications Extensibility Guide.


Approval Groups and Task Configuration