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Oracle® Fusion Applications Customer Data Management Implementation Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E20433-05
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25 Common Customer Data Management Configuration: Define Resource Team Information

This chapter contains the following:

Resource Setup and Resource Role Setup: How They Fit Together

FAQs for Define Resource Team Information

What's a duty role

Resource Setup and Resource Role Setup: How They Fit Together

Setting up resource roles helps you define the various roles within your organization so that they can be assigned to resources.

How Resource Role Setup Simplifies Resource Setup

Use the Resource Role Setup tasks to define specific roles that best reflect the way responsibilities are distributed within the deploying company. If your resource roles are created before you start setting up your resources, you can easily assign roles to resources, simplifying task assignment. Resource roles that are tagged as manager or member roles also determine how eventually the reporting hierarchy gets built.

Later, when you need to assign resources to organizations, resource roles can help you specify the precise roles that resources need to play within the organizations to which you assign them.

Resource roles also simplify security provisioning for resources. You can define security roles corresponding to resource roles using the role mapping interface. Once such mapping rules are setup, you can provision security roles by assigning the corresponding resource roles to resources.

FAQs for Define Resource Team Information

What's a resource team?

A resource team is a group of resources formed to work on work objects. A resource team may comprise resource organizations, resources, or both. A resource team cannot be hierarchically structured and is not intended to implement an organization structure. You can also use resource teams as a quick reference to groups of related resources that you can quickly assign work objects to.


Members of teams can either be reassigned separately, or entire teams can be assigned to other tasks as required.

What's a duty role?

A duty role is a set of privileges associated with an aspect of a resource role, and one or more duty roles roll up into a resource role. Basically, resource roles can be said to comprise a set of duties, and each duty has its own set of privileges. Thus, privileges roll up into duty roles, and duty roles roll up into resource roles.