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Oracle® Fusion Applications Post-Installation Guide
11g Release 5 (11.1.5)
Part Number E22380-06
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7 Incentive Compensation

This chapter contains the following:

Integrating Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation with Geo Map Server: Procedures

Integrating Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation with Geo Map Server: Procedures

Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation uses the functionality provided by the Geo Map server. Depending on the network connectivity where the application is installed and the available support for integration, you may have to modify the MapViewer and GeoMapViewer connections.

If you intend to use the map server provided by Oracle, you must connect to


If the firewall on your network blocks HTTP connections, you cannot access the map server.

If you intend to use your preferred map server or any other map server that is available on premise or on another network, you must modify certain Application Development Framework (ADF) connection properties for MapViewer and GeoMapViewer.

  1. Sign in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Applications Control.

  2. In the left pane, navigate through Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation - Fusion Applications - IncentiveCompensationApp and click the server for which you want to modify the ADF connection properties.

  3. At the top of the page, from the Fusion J2EE Application context menu, select ADF - Configure ADF Connections.

  4. On the ADF Connections Configuration page, go to the URL Connections section.

  5. Select the MapViewerURL connection name and click Edit.

  6. In the URL field, replace the default URL with the URL or location information of your preferred map server and click OK.

  7. Repeat the steps to modify the URL for the GeoMapViewer connection name.