WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

Constants.DeliveryMode Enumeration

The delivery modes supported by the JMS API are PERSISTENT and NON_PERSISTENT.

An IMessageProducer client marks a message as persistent if it feels that the application will have problems if the message is lost in transit. A client marks a message as non-persistent if an occasional lost message is tolerable.



Member NameDescription
NON_PERSISTENT This is the lowest-overhead delivery mode because it does not require that the message be logged to stable storage.

JMS delivers a NON_PERSISTENT message with an at-most-once guarantee. This means that it may lose the message, but it does not deliver it twice once it is received and acknowledged or committed.

PERSISTENT This delivery mode instructs JMS to log the message to stable storage as part of the client's send operation. The message is deleted from storage once it is received and acknowledged or committed. Only a hard media failure should cause a PERSISTENT message to be lost.


Namespace: WebLogic.Messaging

Assembly: WebLogic.Messaging (in WebLogic.Messaging.dll)

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