WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IContext Interface

This interface represents a network connection to a WebLogic Server, and also represents a naming context, which consists of methods for obtaining JNDI name-to-object bindings for JMS destinations and connection factories. The destinations and connection factories may be hosted directly on the WebLogic Server itself, or, if the WebLogic Server is part of a cluster, may be hosted on any WebLogic Server within the same cluster. Use a ContextFactory to create an IContext.

IContext instances support concurrent use.


All JMS resources created using a particular context inherit the optional credential used to create the context. This credential can be overridden when creating an IConnection.


Each name passed as an argument to a IContext method is relative to that context. The empty name is used to name the context itself. A name parameter may never be null.


All the methods in this interface can throw a MessageException or any of its subclasses.

Concurrent Access

An IContext instance is guaranteed to be synchronized against concurrent access by multiple threads. Multiple threads each manipulating the same IContext instance need not synchronize. All JMS resources created using the same IContext instance multiplex over that instance's network connection.

For a list of all members of this type, see IContext Members.



Namespace: WebLogic.Messaging

Assembly: WebLogic.Messaging (in WebLogic.Messaging.dll)

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