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Retrieves the results of a Sites page evaluation.



Pagename entry in the SiteCatalog.

List of name/value pairs to pass as input parameters to the page. These are the only variables available to the page. When the evaluation is complete, the original variables are restored. If vIn is null, the current variable set is used, and may be modified during the page evaluation.


The ReadPage method retrieves the results of a Sites page evaluation. This method invokes a page inline with the current evaluation. It creates a new Sites instance and evaluates the page in context. The resulting output is returned in a string.

You must have appropriate Sites ACLs in order to read the specified pagnename.


Returns a string containing the results of the page evaluation. Returns null on error.

Error Numbers

If an error occurs, errno will be set appropriately. Use GetErrno () to find the error number.


The following code causes the HTML for the specified page to be stored in a string variable named thePage:

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