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New Features for Report Designers

Part I Creating Reports and Layouts

1 Introduction to Designing Reports

2 Creating and Editing Reports

3 Creating BI Publisher Layout Templates

4 Creating RTF Templates

5 Creating RTF Templates Using the Template Builder for Word

6 Creating Excel Templates

7 Creating PDF Templates

8 Creating eText Templates

9 Creating Flash Templates

10 Setting Report Processing and Output Document Properties

Part II Creating Style Templates and Sub Templates

11 Creating and Implementing Style Templates

12 Understanding Subtemplates

13 Designing RTF Subtemplates

14 Designing XSL Subtemplates

Part III Translating Reports and Catalog Objects

15 Translation Support Overview and Concepts

16 Translating Individual Templates

17 Translating Catalog Objects, Data Models, and Templates

Part IV Reference Information

A Techniques for Handling Large Output Files

B Extended Function Support in RTF Templates

C Designing Accessible Reports

D Supported XSL-FO Elements

E Generating PDF/A and PDF/X Output

F PDF Version Support

G Using the Customize Feature