This figure shows the components in an Oracle RTD single instance architecture. The components are described in the text after the figure.

On the web tier, WEBHOST1 contains a box OHS that contains mod_wl_ohs. This communicates via HTTP to APPHOST1 on the applications tier. APPHOST contains WLS_SOMETHING and a standalone Admin Server.

WLS_Something contains the Baton Manager, Baton Agent, Decision Server, and Admin Server with nested services inside it.

The Decision Server contains Something Services Sessions, which contains multiple Entities. It also contains Prediction Models and multiple Inline Services.

The Admin Server contains Learning Services with Learning Models and a Decision Center with Decision Center Sessions. Inline Services is nested within Decision Center Sessions.

Arrows indicate that WLS_something communicates with RTD and Enterprise Databases in the data tier. The RTD Database contains learning models, learning records, prediction models, and inline services metadata. The Enterprise Database contains RTD entries.

The function of each component is described in the text following the image.