This figure shows the Workspace single instance architecture. Boxes are arranged in a column with three sections. The sections from top to bottom are labeled Web Tier, Application Tier, and Data Tier.

The Web Tier contains a silver cloud labeled Internet. An arrow from Internet leads to a box labeled WEBHOST1. WEBHOST1 contains a box labeled OHS, which contains a box labeled mod_wl_ohs.

An arrow labeled HTTP leads from the WEBHOST1 box in the Web Tier to a box labeled APPHOST1 in the Application Tier. The APPHOST1 box contains two boxes. The first is labeled BI_SERVER1 and contains three boxes, which in order from top to bottom are Calc Manager, FR, and Workspace. The other box in APPHOST1 is labeled Admin Server.

The Workspace box within the BISERVER1 box has two lines leading from its right edge. One line connects to a box outside of APPHOST1 called TopLink. A line from TopLink travels parallel with the other line from Workspace.

Both lines terminate in a box labeled JNDI/JDBC in the Data Tier. This box points to a disk labeled EPM Registry and Preferences, also in the Data Tier.