The figure shows a color-coded representation of the directory structure that is described in the text preceding this image. The top of the structure is ORACLE_BASE. The first tier is admin (red) and product/fmw (red). The next tier is domain name (white), instance name (white), and MW_HOME (the app tier) It includes WL_HOME (red), soa (red), wc (red) and wcc (red) and ORACLE_HOME (red). The next tier is aserver, (red) sca_cluster_name (white), and wcc_cluster_name (white). The next tier is mserver, with branches to domain_name (white) and applications (red). A final tier is the ibr_cluster_name (white), with branches to ibr1(red) and ibr2 (red). The ibr nodes branch to vault (red) and weblayout (red). Colors are referenced in Table 4-1.