The figure illustrates the configuration of IPs and Virtual IPs as summarized in the preceding text. The diagram is divided into four quadrants. The upper left quadrant has SOAHOST1, which includes VIP1 (Admin Server), IP1 (WLS_WSM1), and VIP2 (WLS_SOA1). The upper right quadrant contains SOAHOST2 and includes the AdminServer, IP2 (WLS_WSM2) and VIP3 (WLS_SOA2). The lower left quadrant contains WCPHOST1 and includes WC_Spaaces1, WC_Portlet1, WC_Collaboration1, WC_Utilities1, WLS_WCC1, WLS-IBR1, and IP3. The lower right quadrant contains WCPHOST2 and includes WC_Spaaces2, WC_Portlet2, WC_Collaboration2, WC_Utilities2, WLS_WCC2, WLS-IBR2, and IP3.