1 Introduction to System Configuration Variables

This guide describes Oracle WebCenter Content system configuration variables usage and syntax, and provides examples of configuration settings.

This chapter covers these topics:

1.1 Document Organization

The information contained in this guide is based on Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Release 1 (11.1.1). The information is subject to change as the product technology evolves and as hardware and operating systems are created and modified. Due to the technical nature of browsers, databases, web servers, and operating systems, Oracle cannot warrant compatibility with all versions and features of third-party products.

This guide is divided into the following chapters:

1.2 Oracle WebCenter Content Terminology

Oracle WebCenter Content documentation uses the following terms when referring to variables in the directories associated with the Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Content Server configuration:

  • IdcHomeDir: This variable refers to the ucm/idc directory in the Oracle WebCenter Content home where the Oracle WebCenter Content server media is located. The server media can run Oracle WebCenter Content Server, Oracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery, or Oracle WebCenter Content: Records software. This is essentially a read-only directory. The default location is WCC_ORACLE_HOME/ucm/idc. The variable portion of the default location can be changed, but the path cannot be changed from ucm/idc.

  • DomainHome: This variable refers to the user-specified directory where an Oracle WebCenter Content application is deployed to run on an Oracle WebLogic Server application server. The DomainHome/ucm/short-product-id/bin directory contains the intradoc.cfg file and executables. The default location for DomainHome is MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain, but you can change the path and domain name (base_domain) during the deployment of an Oracle WebCenter Content application to an application server.

  • short-product-id: This variable refers to the type of Oracle WebCenter Content server deployed to an application server. This name is used as the context root (default HttpRelativeWebRoot configuration value). Possible values include:

    • cs (Oracle WebCenter Content Server)

    • ibr (Oracle WebCenter Content: Inbound Refinery)

    • urm (Oracle WebCenter Content: Records)

  • IntradocDir: This variable refers to the root directory for configuration and data files specific to an Oracle WebCenter Content instance that is part of an Oracle WebCenter Content application deployed to an application server. This Idoc Script variable is configured for one type of Oracle WebCenter Content instance: Content Server (cs), Inbound Refinery (ibr), or Records (urm). This directory can be located elsewhere, but the default location is DomainHome/ucm/short-product-id. The specified directory must be an absolute path to the instance directory and must be unique to a particular server or node. The directory includes a bin/ directory, which contains the startup files (intradoc.cfg and executables).