19 Oracle WebCenter Capture

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebCenter Capture (also referred to as Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture). It includes the following topics:


Ensure that the most recent patches are applied. You can download patches from My Oracle Support (support.oracle.com).

19.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issue and workarounds. It includes the following topics:

ncluded per bug 17049053 (base bug 16608070).

19.1.1 Batch Processing Error Message Not Displayed in Client

An issue was discovered in which a recognition batch processing error occurred, but the batch error and its error message did not display in the client. This type of error indicates a system level issue. If an issue like this occurs, review the log file for information.

19.1.2 Bi-Directional Display Issues Detected in Client

Issues were discovered with fields in the client not displaying correctly in RTL (Right to Left) layout with a bi-directional language such as Arabic or Hebrew selected as the browser language.

19.1.3 Certain Client Error Messages Display in Server Language Rather Than Browser Language

An issue was discovered in which some error messages in the client display in the server language rather than the browser language.

19.1.4 Capture Client Error Resulted After SSO Time-out

An issue was discovered in which the Capture client, when integrated with OAM (Oracle Access Manager), experienced an error after timing out. To work around this issue, use the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console to set the Capture application's time-out setting to the same value as set for OAM.

19.1.5 Rare Batch Commit Error Not Cleared After Subsequent Commit By Another Commit Profile

A rare case was encountered in which an unsuccessful batch commit error was not cleared when it should have been. In this instance, after a commit by one commit profile failed, the batch was later successfully committed by another commit profile. However, document level errors relating to the initial failed commit were reported. Instead, the batch's errors should have been cleared, and the batch removed.

19.1.6 Document Conversion Processor Error Detected During PDF Conversion With No Monitor Configuration

A PDF conversion issue was discovered when the Document Conversion Processor is used in a headless (no display monitor) configuration, resulting in an error.

To work around this issue, set the DISPLAY environment variable to the following:


19.1.7 Search Criteria Issue Detected When Granting Security Access to Workspaces or Client Profiles

When granting security access for users or groups to a workspace or client profile, the Add Security Member window provides a text entry field in which to specify search criteria. However, searching does not work as indicated in the window. Instead, entering any single letter of a user or group, with or without a wildcard, yields a match.

19.1.8 Certain Import Processor Metric Table Values May Display Zero Values

When viewing the Performance Summary page in Enterprise Manager after starting an import processor job, values for Total Imported Batches, Total Imported Documents, and Total Imported Pages may fluctuate between displaying an expected value and 0.

19.1.9 Need to Specify the Server System Fonts Location For PDF Image Only Commit

After installing Oracle WebCenter Capture in a UNIX environment, the system administrator should identify the system font location on the server for the PDF Image-Only export commit driver.

On the Capture configuration page in Enterprise Manager, enter the system font location in the GD Font Path field. For example, you might enter the following location:


19.2 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

There are no known issues at this time.

19.3 Documentation Errata

There are no known issues at this time.