23 Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets

This chapter describes issues associated with the Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets web application and its individual WEM applications, Community and Gadgets. This chapter also contains information about upgrading the Oracle WebCenter Sites: Community Blogs module.

This chapter includes the following topics:

23.1 Community-Gadgets Enhancements

WebCenter Sites: Community-Gadgets contains the following usability and platform enhancements:

  • Contributor Interface Integration: Widgets and gadgets can be accessed from within the WebCenter Sites Contributor interface. Users can now easily search for social components (such as polls, comment widgets, and gadgets) and drag and drop them directly onto a page.

  • OAM Social Integration: OAM Social integration enables support to multiple social networks to authenticate site visitors and authenticate moderators using OAM on the management side.

  • Improved Installation: Community and Gadgets servers are now bundled into a single installer, making the installation process easy.

  • Enhancements to Community Widgets: Users can filter out and moderate comments and reviews pertaining to any category. Visitors can be authenticated through Google accounts. Moderators can accept or disallow posting of comments on any page at the click of a button.

  • Enhancements for Gadgets: The Gadgets Admin interface is localized and includes localized gadgets support. In addition, multiple gadgets can be rendered along with Community widgets on the same web page. Other enhancements include a pluggable login bar for Gadgets and maintenance of the user session across Gadgets and the Dashboard.

  • Updated platform support for Community and Gadgets, including a new operating system and application server. Refer to the Oracle WebCenter Sites Certification Matrix for more information Refer to the Oracle WebCenter Sites Certification Matrix for more information.

23.2 Limitations

This section includes the following topics:

23.2.1 Browser Support

For Community and Gadgets interfaces, Internet Explorer users must set the browser to receive third-party cookies.

23.2.2 General Limitations

  • Widgets are certified with valid HTML host pages only (tested on XHTML 1.0 of Strict doctype).

  • Widgets are certified with host page URLs that contain valid query strings only (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Query_string).

  • The CSS of the host page may potentially impact the look-and-feel of widgets. It may be necessary to apply custom CSS to widgets or even adjust your host page CSS.

  • Community and Gadgets Admin interfaces are not supported in standalone mode (view) and are meant to be accessed only via the WebCenter Sites WEM Framework.

  • Ensure Lucene indexing is enabled for all Community and Gadgets asset types.

  • JavaScript must be turned on for all admin pages and end site widgets.

  • Visitor authentication is not supported against both the WebCenter Sites/WEM database and LDAP at the same time.

  • Support for the latest available OpenSocial API is not implemented; the OpenSocial Gadget Container shipped with Community-Gadgets continues to support all features that were supported in prior releases.

  • If the diskstore is enabled, Community-Gadgets may freeze for several minutes at shutdown until the populated cache is flushed to disk. Any interruption during this process can corrupt the cache.

23.2.3 Community Application

Changes made to the Restricted Words list will have no effect on existing posts.

23.2.4 Gadgets Application

  • Gadget validation is only for the XML descriptor. It will not check to guarantee successful rendering of the gadget on the Dashboard. This should be verified prior to deployment.

  • Pagination settings are not preserved after registering new gadgets.

  • OAuth Gadgets are no longer supported.

23.2.5 Installing Community-Gadgets

  • In case of deploying both the management and production Community-Gadgets web applications on the same machine, we recommend changing the default context root for one of the Community-Gadgets web applications (for example, the management web application using context cgm, or the production web application using context cgp).


    Single-server installation is supported only for development purposes.

  • When deploying Visitor CAS on a machine where another CAS application is already deployed (for example, Sites CAS), it is recommended to change the default Visitor CAS context root (for example, from cas to vcas).

  • Visitor CAS should be installed on the same domain as the live site.

  • The WebCenter Sites URL provided during Community-Gadgets installation should be the same as used to access WebCenter Sites. Otherwise, there will be failure in loading the Community Admin interface and Gadgets Admin interface. For example, if you specify the WebCenter Sites host name in the Community-Gadgets installer, accessing WebCenter Sites via the IP address will result in failure to load the Community Admin interface and Gadgets Admin interface.

23.2.6 Oracle Access Manager Integration

The following exception may be seen in the Oracle Access Manager (OAM) Console during login to Community and Gadgets WEM applications and can be safely ignored:

<Error> <oracle.oam.engine.authz> <BEA-000000><Initialization of Module TokenIssuer failed. oracle.security.am.engines.tpe.TokenProcessingException: OAMSSA-16002: Initialization of Module TokenIssuer failed.

23.3 General Issues and Workarounds

This section includes the following topics:

23.3.1 Browser Support

Social Login/Sharing of posted Comments is not working in Internet Explorer 8.

23.3.2 Community Application

This section includes the following topics: General Issues and Workarounds

  • Only 500 users are displayed in the "Available" box of the Add Visitors to the Blacklist and Whitelist screens.

  • Janrain JavaScript is loaded by the deployed widget regardless of enabling Janrain support.

  • If the Community application is integrated with LDAP and the LDAP server is not available, users will receive an "invalid credential" message instead of a "server down" indication when trying to log in to the site.

  • Setting Permalink to the second page of comments or reviews will continue to show the first page when the display order setting is "Newest at the top."

  • Unable to select Current/Today's date for poll closure in the calendar window when creating a poll. Comments

  • Uploading a file with duplicate categories will result in the category appearing twice in the "Reviews by Topic" page.

  • Visitor display names are not updated in the Community interface for comments posted prior to the name change.

  • Sorting on the date/time field in the Comments by Topic page may not show the correct ordering if a comment has been deleted as the "Last Commented on" field is not shown once a comment is deleted.

  • Blank 'Category title' is displayed if Category Title is given between '< >' while uploading Categories.

  • Under periods of high load, the count on the Comments By Topic page may not match the filter count. Reviews

  • Uploading a file with duplicate categories will result in the category appearing twice in the "Reviews by Topic" page.

  • Deploying the reviews deployment tag with Rating Only and Reviewing Enabled set to NO will result in a blank page being rendered.

  • The order of categories in the Category drop-down list on the Reviews Deployment page will not match the order in which they were entered in the uploaded category file.

  • An alert message is not displayed when a guest user attempts to review an article for the second time when the admin setting is to only review once on a page.

  • Deploying the default Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down rating widget using a ResourceID that is already in use will result in the posted ratings not being updated on the site. Users should ensure that duplicate ResourceIDs are not being assigned.

  • The count for Pending, Approved and Inappropriate reviews is not updated in the Filter Panel of Reviews by Topic Page until a manual refresh is initiated.

  • When Max Number of Reviews is reached, Community-Gadgets still allows for additional reviews to be posted.

23.3.3 Gadgets Application

  • When a large number of gadgets exist on the dashboard, it may require multiple movements to render a gadget in the desired location.

  • Drag-and-drop is not capable of scrolling on large dashboards.

  • When six or more category filters exist, the pagination buttons overlap the filter names on the Dashboard.

23.3.4 Janrain Integration

Unable to log in using MySpace or WordPress account credentials when integrated with Janrain.

23.3.5 Localization

  • Registering as an anonymous user in a localized instance of Community-Gadgets will result in the user being created as a new user with the localized user name.

  • The following pages do not appear correctly in German locale:

    • Reply as Admin

    • Comments by User

    • Create Poll

    • Edit Poll

23.3.6 OAM Integration

Unable to log in using Twitter when Community-Gadgets is integrated with Oracle Access Manager Mobile Social.

23.3.7 Performance

Under periods of high load, the count on the Comments By Topic page may not match the filter count.

23.4 Upgrading the Community Blogs Module

General information about the Community Blogs upgrade:

  • The upgrade process updates all default templates to new versions. Any customizations done to these should be backed up prior to running the installer.

  • During the upgrade process, two additional properties cos.protocol and cos.contextroot are added to the futuretense_xcel.ini file.