1 Installing Oracle WebLogic SIP Container Base Platform

This chapter describes how to install Oracle WebLogic Server SIP Container, and contains the following section:

These installation instructions are written using UNIX syntax and assume a bash shell. You can adapt them for your shell on UNIX or use the corresponding Microsoft Windows commands and syntax when installing on Microsoft Windows.

1.1 Installing Oracle WebLogic Server SIP Container

Perform the following steps to install Oracle WebLogic Server SIP Container:

  1. Give executable permission on the installer file (if needed).

  2. Run one of the following commands, depending on your operating system. For example:

    • On Linux: ./owlcs103_linux32.bin

    • On Windows: owlcs103_win32.exe

    The installation files are extracted and the Welcome screen appears.

  3. On the Welcome screen click Next. The Choose Middleware Home Directory appears.


    The Middleware Home Directory is the root directory for the OWLSC Base Platform installation. Middleware Home Directory is referred to as MW_HOME in this book. When you see MW_HOME or $MW_HOME, that means the absolute path to your Middleware Home directory.
  4. In the Choose Middleware Home Directory screen, select Create a New Middleware Home (do not try to install into an existing middleware directory).

  5. Enter the absolute path to the middleware home.

  6. Click Next. The Register for Security Updates screen appears.

  7. In the Register for Security Updates screen you can optionally enter the following:

    • An e-mail address for receiving updates on security issues (recommended).

    • Select the checkbox and enter your My Oracle Support password to receive security updates through My Oracle Support. For more information, see http://www.oracle.com/support/policies.html.

  8. Click Next. The Choose Install Types screen appears.

  9. On the Choose Install Types screen select Typical. Click Next. The Choose Product Installation Directories screen appears.

  10. Though you can change locations, Oracle Corporation recommends that you use the default locations whenever possible. Click Next.

  11. If on a Windows operating system, the Choose Shortcut Location screen appears. If you so choose, select the All Users Start Menu folder and click Next. The Installation Summary screen appears.

  12. On the Installation Summary screen, click Next.

  13. On the Installation Complete screen click Next.

    The installation is complete.