This figure shows the Document Manager with the Tree Table Layout. The header includes the title "Document Manager." The body includes a Filter text box and icon and an Advanced (search) link. Under that is a toolbar with a File menu, a View menu, a New Wiki Document link, an Upload link, a Download link, and Go Up icon, a Go to Top, and a Show as Top icon. Beneath the toolbar is a table with the following columns: Name (displays the name of the folder or file; folders can be expanded or collapsed in-place), Workflow Status (displays an icon to signify the workflow status of the item), Checked Out (displays a locked icon if the item is checked out), Modified By (displays the user who last modified the item and an icon representing the user's online status), Last Modified (displays the date and time the item was last modified), Comments (displays the number of comments on the item), Like (displays the number of likes the item has received), and Description (displays any description associated with the item).