This figure shows the Document Viewer displaying a Microsoft Word document to show all the sections that are available in the Document Viewer. The header includes the title "Document Viewer." The body includes a breadcrumb showing the path to the file being displayed. Under the breadcrumb is a toolbar including a File menu, a View menu, and other options specific to the type of item being displayed. Under the toolbar is a preview of the document. Below the preview is a section called Basic, which includes an Edit link, the name of the document, the document identifier in the content repository, the type of document, the size of the document, the date and time the document was created, who created it, the date and time the document was last modified, who modified it, the version number of the document, and the size of the document. Under the Basic section is a section titled Advanced (this section is collapsed). Under the Advanced section are general details about the document: last modified date and time, who modified it, the document version, and the side of the document. Under the general details is a tabbed section with the following tabs: Comments (displays the number of comments in parentheses), Tags, History, Info, Links, and Recommendations. The Comments tab is forward, showing a text box for comments with a Comment button at the bottom.