This figure shows a blog post in edit mode in the RTE. At the top is the blog header. Under the header is the Title text box. Under the title is the RTE, which include three tabs: Rich Text, HTML, and Preview. The Rich Text tab is shown. On the Rich Text tab page, there is a toolbar that includes the following options: a bold icon, an italic icon, an underline icon, a strike-through icon, a format drop-down list, a font drop-down list, a font size drop-down list, a text color drop-down list, a background color drop-down list, a left-justify icon, a center-justify icon, a right-justify icon, an outdent icon, an indent icon, a numbered list icon, a bulleted list icon, a remove format icon, a select resource icon (to add a link to an existing WebCenter Portal item), a new resource icon (to add a link to a new WebCenter Portal item or a URL), and embed image icon, an add table icon, an insert horizontal line icon, and an actions drop-down list icon. Under the toolbar is the text box for the blog content. Under the text box are a Publish radio button and date/time text box and selector; a Draft radio button; a Save button, a Save and Close button, and a Cancel button. At the bottom of the editor are four tabs: Comments (with a number in parentheses indicated how many comments the blog has received), Tags, Links, and Recommendations.