This figure shows a new wiki document in the RTE. At the top is a back icon and a breadcrumb showing that you are creating a new wiki document. Under the breadcrumb is the Title text box. Under the title is the RTE, which include three tabs: Rich Text, HTML, and Preview. The Rich Text tab is shown. On the Rich Text tab page, there is a toolbar that includes the following options: a bold icon, an italic icon, an underline icon, a strike-through icon, a format drop-down list, a font drop-down list, a font size drop-down list, a text color drop-down list, a background color drop-down list, a left-justify icon, a center-justify icon, a right-justify icon, an outdent icon, an indent icon, a numbered list icon, a bulleted list icon, a remove format icon, a select resource icon (to add a link to an existing WebCenter Portal item), a new resource icon (to add a link to a new WebCenter Portal item or a URL), and embed image icon, an add table icon, an insert horizontal line icon, and an actions drop-down list icon. Under the toolbar is the text box for the wiki content. Under the text box are two buttons: Create and Cancel.