Starting the application server with the keystores

When you start the Tomcat application server, you must specify the location and passphrase of the keystore and truststore files.

You used the following JVM java -D system property command arguments to specify the keystore and truststore files:

One way to set these system properties is to use the java command from the command line.

A second method is to set the command arguments to the value of the Tomcat CATALINA_OPTS environment variable. This variable provides Java runtime options when the server is started.

You can set the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable in an existing Tomcat startup file (.bat on Windows or .sh on UNIX) or create a wrapper file that sets the variable and then calls the Tomcat startup file.

For example, the following Windows batch file can be placed in the Tomcat bin directory and used to start the server:
@echo off

set CLIENT_CERT=C:\Endeca\PlatformServices\workspace\etc\eneCert.jks
cd c:\tomcat\bin
call c:\tomcat\bin\startup.bat

Note that the values for the set CATALINA_OPTS command are on separate lines for ease of reading, but should be on the same command line in the batch file.