Class RangeFilter

  extended by com.endeca.navigation.RangeFilter

public class RangeFilter
extends Object

Class representing a range filter on a navigation record set. A filter is composed of a record property name and a set of conditions that have to be true in order for a record to pass through the filter.

Constructor Summary
RangeFilter(String filter)
          Constructor creating a filter.
Method Summary
 String toString()
          Returns the string representation of the filter.
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Constructor Detail


public RangeFilter(String filter)
Constructor creating a filter. A filter consists of a numeric property ( float or int ), and a filter statement that consists of operators LT, LTEQ, GT, GTEQ, or BTWN followed by one or two constants. BTWN is treated as a bounded range, as it is treated inclusive. In addition, range filters can be applied to geocode properties. The operators for geocode properties are GCLT, GCGT, and GCBTWN. Each of these operators take a reference geocode as an argument in addition to the regular constants. Examples:

"Price|LT 10.88"
"Location|GCLT 40.56,-89.53 5"
"create_date|BTWN 20020131 20020214"
"Location|GCBTWN 40.56,-89.53 5 200 "
"modified|GTEQ 2002"

filter - Range filter statement of the format:

'<property name>|<filter statement>'

<filter statement> = '[<unbounded range>|<bounded range>|<geocode range>|<geocode bounded range>]'
<geocode range> = '[GCLT|GCGT] <geocode> <constant>'
<unbounded range> = '[LT|LTEQ|GT|GTEQ] <constant>'
<bounded range> = 'BTWN <constant> <constant>'
<geocode bounded range> = 'GCBTWN <geocode> <constant> <constant>'
<property name> = name of a numerical record property.
<geocode> = <constant>, <constant>
<constant> = numerical constant that defines the range bounds.

Method Detail


public String toString()
Returns the string representation of the filter.

toString in class Object
the string representation of the filter.

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