Endeca Presentation API
ExprLookup Constructor (tableName, fieldName, lList)
NamespacesEndeca.Navigation.AnalyticsExprLookupExprLookupExprLookupNew(String, String, LookupList)
Constructs a new ExprLookup.
Declaration Syntax
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public ExprLookup(
	string tableName,
	string fieldName,
	LookupList lList
Public Sub New ( _
	tableName As String, _
	fieldName As String, _
	lList As LookupList _
ExprLookup (
	String^ tableName, 
	String^ fieldName, 
	LookupList^ lList
tableName (String)
The name of the table. Note that the table names NavStateRecords and AllBaseRecords are reserved and therefore cannot be specified.
fieldName (String)
A derived property of the table specified by tableName.
lList (LookupList)
A LookupList object that has been populated with lookup expressions (IExpr objects). The LookupList represents a list of expressions that evaluate to a list of values that uniquely identify a record in the table.

Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (Module: Endeca.Navigation) Version: