Endeca Presentation API
DYMSuggestions Property
Returns the list of "Did You Mean" suggestions made by the MDEX Engine
Declaration Syntax
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public virtual IList DYMSuggestions{ get;}
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property DYMSuggestions As IList
virtual property IList^ DYMSuggestions {
	IList^ get ();
A list of ESearchDYMSuggestion objects. If there are no suggestions, the list will be empty.
"Did You Mean" suggestions can be returned under the following scenarios:

  • The MDEX Engine's DYM feature is enabled with the Dgraph --dym command line flag.
  • Alternative phrasing suggestions are requested using the NavERecSearchComputeAlternativePhrasings setter property.
  • Both of the previous two conditions are met. In this case, the DYM suggestions returned will incorporate both Spelling Correction and Automatic Phrasing.

An example of having both Spelling Correction and Automatic Phrasing is if a user's query of:

QUERY[New Yorkk restaurants]
is rewritten to an alternative phrasing suggestion of:
QUERY["New York" restaurants]
Here the term "Yorkk" was spell-corrected to "York" and the resulting terms "New" and "York" were suggested to be phrased by the Endeca MDEX Engine as "New York". Only those suggestions that, when issued as queries, would return one or more records (before any navigation filters are applied) will be returned.

Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (Module: Endeca.Navigation) Version: