Endeca Presentation API
IsImplicitRefinement Method (dim, refinement)
NamespacesEndeca.NavigationENEQueryToolkitIsImplicitRefinement(Dimension, DimVal)
Determines if a dimension value refinement is an implicit refinement within the context of a given dimension.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static bool IsImplicitRefinement(
	Dimension dim,
	DimVal refinement
Public Shared Function IsImplicitRefinement ( _
	dim As Dimension, _
	refinement As DimVal _
) As Boolean
static bool IsImplicitRefinement (
	Dimension^ dim, 
	DimVal^ refinement
dim (Dimension)
The dimension (a Dimension object) in which the given refinement should be checked.
refinement (DimVal)
The refinement (a DimVal object) to check for contraction.
Return Value
true if refinement is an implicit refinement within the dimension dim, or false otherwise.
An implicit refinement is one that is assigned to all records visible in the current navigation state. In other words, an implicit refinement is one whose selection will not actually narrow the current set of result records.

Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (Module: Endeca.Navigation) Version: