Endeca Presentation API
GetDidSuggestionIncludeAutomaticPhrasing Method
Determines whether this suggestion includes one or more contiguous subsequences of terms that were phrased by the Automatic Phrasing feature of the Endeca MDEX Engine.
Declaration Syntax
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public bool GetDidSuggestionIncludeAutomaticPhrasing()
Public Function GetDidSuggestionIncludeAutomaticPhrasing As Boolean
bool GetDidSuggestionIncludeAutomaticPhrasing ()
true if the terms were auto-phrased, or false otherwise.
Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for M:Endeca.Navigation.ESearchDYMSuggestion.GetDidSuggestionIncludeAutomaticPhrasing]

This method is useful if the application developer wants to know what features engaged in the MDEX Engine when generating a suggestion.

Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (Module: Endeca.Navigation) Version: