Endeca Presentation API
SortLabels Method (axis, comparer)
NamespacesEndeca.Navigation.ChartingGridSortLabels(Int32, IComparer)
Sorts the labels in the specified axis by the specified comparator.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public virtual void SortLabels(
	int axis,
	IComparer comparer
Public Overridable Sub SortLabels ( _
	axis As Integer, _
	comparer As IComparer _
virtual void SortLabels (
	int axis, 
	IComparer^ comparer
axis (Int32)
The axis to be sorted.
comparer (IComparer)
The Comparator that will compare the Label objects.
The next caller to the GetLabels(Int32) method will receive the labels in sorted order.

Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (Module: Endeca.Navigation) Version: