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ExprBinary Constructor (function, lhs, rhs)
NamespacesEndeca.Navigation.AnalyticsExprBinaryExprBinaryExprBinaryNew(ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp, IExpr, IExpr)
The ExprBinary will compute the specified specified function on the specified lhs and rhs parameters.
Declaration Syntax
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public ExprBinary(
	ExprBinary.ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp function,
	IExpr lhs,
	IExpr rhs
Public Sub New ( _
	function As ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp, _
	lhs As IExpr, _
	rhs As IExpr _
ExprBinary (
	ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp^ function, 
	IExpr^ lhs, 
	IExpr^ rhs
function (ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp)
A mathematical function (of type ExprBinary..::ExprBinaryOp) that specifies the type of operation to be made. See the Function property for a list of the function names.
lhs (IExpr)
An object of type IExpr that will be the left-hand side of this binary expression.
rhs (IExpr)
An object of type IExpr that will be the right-hand side of this binary expression.

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