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Oracle® Fusion Applications Patching Guide
11g Release 6 (11.1.6)

Part Number E16602-16
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5 Introduction to Oracle Fusion Applications Languages

This chapter provides an introduction to the tools you use to install and maintain a set of languages in Oracle Fusion Applications.

This chapter includes the following topics:

5.1 Installing and Upgrading Languages

Oracle Provisioning installs and RUP Installer upgrades only the English language. To add a language or upgrade an existing language, use Language Pack Installer. For more information about Language Pack Installer, see "Maintaining Oracle Fusion Applications Languages" in the Oracle Fusion Applications Upgrade Guide.

5.2 Maintaining Languages

Oracle Fusion Applications content is translated to different languages and fixes are made available as individual patches. If your environment uses multiple languages, whenever you apply a patch with translatable content, you may choose to also apply the associated translated patch for each of your installed languages. If a patch does not contain any translated content, such as a PL/SQL package, only the English patch is available.

If an Oracle Fusion Applications environment contains languages other than English, the recommended method for applying patches is to apply the English patch first and then apply the translation patch for each installed language.For example, after you apply a language pack for another language, such as Korean, whenever you apply a patch that involves translatable content, you must apply the base English patch and also the Korean patch for that fix.

For detailed information about how to apply a patch, see Section 3.4, "Applying Patches".