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Resource Security

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Resource security allows you to restrict a user's ability to access resources. Restricted resource access means that a user has access to a part of the resource hierarchy only. Privileges that control the resource hierarchy (add/edit/delete resource) still apply but only to those resources that the user has access to.

Resource access types

Accessing resources assigned to a project

If a user can access a project, that user is able to see all resources assigned to that project (activity, issue, risk, WBS) even if they are outside the user's resource access node. The user then can reassign these resources anywhere, but will only be able to edit those that are under the user's resource access node. For more information on the resource security feature, refer to the P6 help.

The API implementation of resource security

Use the ResourceAccess business object to implement and maintain resource access in the API. For details on specific methods, refer to the JavaDoc.

Note: On the P6 Users page, users are filtered based on your resource access settings. As an exception, Admin Super Users will always see all users. In the API, all users are loaded but the ability to modify a user's resource access settings is determined by your resource access settings. If the user is associated to a resource that is outside your resource access, you cannot change that user's resource access settings.

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