There are two behaviors for a docked toolpane; to always appear on top of the work area, or to hide automatically when not in use. This behavior is controlled by the Toolpane Pushpin Pushpin icon, which appears in the right corner of the title bar for docked toolpanes. The pushpin points down when enabled and points left when disabled. By default, the pushpin is enabled and the toolpane always appears on top of the work area, sticking the toolpane to the window. Clicking the Pushpin icon unpins the toolpane. Three things happen when you unpin a toolpane; the direction of the pushpin changes, a tab for the toolpane appears, and the toolpane disappears into the border of the work area as soon as you move the mouse pointer off the toolpane. You can autohide multiple docked toolpanes. 

To display a toolpane, either point to, or click the tab you want to view, or click the Pushpin icon to disable the autohide behavior. For stacked toolpanes, the pushpin controls the pinning actions for all toolpanes in the stack and creates a tab for each stacked toolpane.

To autohide a docked toolpane:

  1. On a docked toolpane, click Toolpane Pushpin to unpin the toolpane.
    The direction of the pushpin points to the left and a tab appears next to the toolpane with the name of the toolpane.
    The toolpane hides when you move the mouse pointer from the toolpane.
  2. To display the hidden toolpane, point to the toolpane tab.
    Clicking the pushpin tab temporarily sticks the toolpane to the window.
  3. To disable autohide and display the toolpane always on top, click Toolpane Disable Autohide Pushpin.

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