To implement help integration for Oracle Knowledge Center, replace the pre-existing help for each language, as desired. The help systems are located in a Help folder within the location where the Knowledge Center is installed. In a default installation, the location is:

C:\Program Files\User Productivity Kit\Knowledge Center\Web Server\KCenter\Documentation

Within the Help folder, there is a folder for each language, designated by a two-letter code, for example, EN for English and DE for German. Within each language folder, there are three folders, each containing one of the help systems for the Knowledge Center:

Each folder contains a Player package. Copy the Player package with your customized help into the appropriate folder. For example, to replace the default help with customized help for the Knowledge Center main interface in English, go to this folder:

C:\Program Files\User Productivity Kit\Knowledge Center\Web Server\KCenter\Documentation\EN\Help\KCenter

Note: It is highly recommended that you zip the existing Player package as a backup before you copy the customized package.

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