The document output for a published System Process Document, Test Document, and Instructor Manual can contain fields that display information about a topic. The fields included in each output vary by document type. 

Some of the document field values in the published output are generated by the Developer from information taken from the topic. Developer-generated field data includes the name of the document, the roles assigned to the topic, and the date the document was generated. Fields that are not generated by the Developer are left blank for you to enter the appropriate topic information.

For a System Process Document, user-defined fields may include the department, revision number, the name of the person who last changed the document, and the status of the document. For a Test Document, these fields include the purpose of the test being performed (note that the text in this field will also appear on the Test Case format), the estimated time, and the required test setup. For an Instructor Manual, you can add instructor notes that relate to a topic.

You enter document output text directly in the Properties toolpane or in a text entry dialog box for those properties that appear in tables or allow multi-line entries, such as Instructor Notes.
You can enter and edit document field values for a single topic or multiple topics.

Warning! Be careful when changing a property for multiple documents that already contain values for the same property. The new values you enter for the property overwrite any existing values for all selected documents.

 Multi-user Considerations

To add text to document output fields:

  1. Display the Properties toolpane.
  2. In the Library or Outline Editor, select the topics(s) to which you want to add document output text.
    You can select multiple documents using the standard Windows selection keys (CTRL+click and SHIFT+click).
    If you try to edit the properties for a topic open in the Topic Editor, a message appears prompting you to close the topic.
  3. In the Properties toolpane, expand the heading for the document output category (for example, System Process Document, Test Document, and so on).
  4. Type the text directly in the property cell or click and enter the text in the text entry dialog box.

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