You can enroll multiple users in a user group at one time. This is helpful if you create a new user group and then need to select the members from a list of existing users. 

From the User Group Properties page, you can access the Users subpage for the user group you are editing. The users in the workgroup are listed here. Checkboxes selected on the right of the user names indicate the ones who are enrolled in the group. The checkboxes to the left of the user names allow you to select multiple users and use the Enroll and Unenroll options.
To enroll or unenroll multiple users in a user group:

  1. Display the User Group Management tab.
  2. Use Search or scroll if necessary to locate the user group.
  3. Click Edit in the Edit column for the user group.
  4. Click User Enrollment.
  5. Use Search, sort the list, or scroll the list of users as necessary.
  6. Select the checkbox in the Enrolled column to enroll a user in the user group, or deselect the checkbox to unenroll them.
    Use the Select options to select the users and click Enroll or Unenroll.

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