The AICC specification is unclear on what protocol should be used as the default when no protocol is specified in the AICC_URL parameter on the launch URL. By default, the Player uses the HTTP protocol if no protocol is specified. You can change this to use HTTPS instead if you need to. Note that this is ignored if the LMS passes the protocol in the AICC_URL parameter.

To set the default protocol to HTTPS: 

  1. Open the config.js file in the root directory of the location where you published the content using any text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Locate the following line in the file:
    AiccUrlProtocol : "http://",
  3. Change the AiccUrlProtocol value to https:
    AiccUrlProtocol : "https://",
  4. Save the file.

Note: As with the AiccAppletPath, you may want to edit config.xml in the Player publishing style if you always use HTTPS as the default protocol for your published content. 

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